IMAGINE THAT President Obama called Fox News Channel out on their unfair and imbalanced baloney. That’s what he does in an interview for the new relaunch of The New Republic, which Dylan Byers breaks down.

… The build-up has lasted for almost a year. In June 2012, three months after buying the magazine, Hughes was pitching it to potential hires as “The New Yorker of Washington, D.C.” In December, New York referred to him as a possible “savior” of print journalism. In between, Hughes was reportedly making overtures to brand name reporters, including The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins, Times reporter Mark Leibovich, and Times Magazine contributor Robert Draper.

Hughes ended up with an admirable but less reknown stable. His biggest hire was Foer, who had served as editor of the magazine from 2006 to 2010. He also picked up Michael Kinsley and Walter Kirn, as well as Marc Tracy and Julia Ioffe. Newsweek’s creative director Dirk Barnett was brought in to lead the magazine’s redesign. So, there was potential.

One part of the new New Republic came even earlier than expected, in an embargoed copy of Hughes and Foer’s interview with President Barack Obama — the one interview that could guarantee everyone’s attention in Washington and New York. Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign, doing digital outreach. He has since donated to the president.

Some journalists take issue with this. My inbox was flooded, anyway. Checkbook journalism, that sort of thing. […]

Over at Fox News central, Ms. Van Susteren is peeved. The section Van Susteren pulls out of the interview to excerpt is below:

President Obama in response to a question about working with Republicans: “One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it. I think John Boehner genuinely wanted to get a deal done, but it was hard to do in part because his caucus is more conservative probably than most Republican leaders are, and partly because he is vulnerable to attack for compromising Republican principles and working with Obama.

The same dynamic happens on the Democratic side. I think the difference is just that the more left-leaning media outlets recognize that compromise is not a dirty word. And I think at least leaders like myself”“and I include Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in this”“are willing to buck the more absolutist-wing elements in our party to try to get stuff done.

Believe it or not, Van Susteran characterizes what Fox News Channel does as “the media’s job.”

That the network has made its staple of reports in the Obama era on birtherism, featuring Donald Trump continually, followed by the swiftboating of Ambassador Susan Rice, and patently false reports on Benghazi for political reasons, not to mention the unending Sean Hannity hate fest that unfolds every night, evidently doesn’t bother Greta at all.