LIAR, BULLY and sociopath Lance Armstrong showed no remorse while saying the right words when answering Oprah Winfrey’s questions. It wasn’t so much what he said, but how he said it. Interlaced in his confession were uncomfortable laughs that revealed a scared public figure who was finally cornered. If this sounds familiar it’s likely because you’re remembering the apology from Tiger Woods, which was equally wooden, unfeeling and without any heart or grace.

OWN network has video clips available and will live stream tonight’s part II of the Lance Armstrong interview.

PR is primary for a big shot celebrity getting out of these predicaments by making things better after they confess. Like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong failed, both men revealing in interviews what most everyone is thinking about them. That they’re despicable human beings that only came forward when they had no choice, not because their conscience had called them to do what was right.

The camera doesn’t lie and Lance Armstrong was revealed for the uncaring sociopath who bullied and humiliated anyone who dared challenge him.

On CNN today, a media reporter for the Washington Post discounted Armstrong’s Oprah interview, saying the disgraced athlete only stated the obvious.

There is a trail of people that Armstrong used and tormented over his years of scheming and lying, cheating and betrayal. What the Oprah interview revealed most of all is that he still doesn’t much care. What he’s trying to do now is save his own skin, so it’s like he’s going through the motions while preparing for the cascade of lawsuits to come.