THANKS TO former President Bill Clinton, Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign is now debt-free, even with over 200,000 to spare.

Her president husband just kept working the emails, as well as previous donors, until it was done.

From The Hill:

According to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission, Clinton paid the remainder of her debt in the last days of 2012. Clinton’s campaign committee paid a total of $73,000 to polling firm Penn and Schoen on New Year’s Eve, ending a debt to the firm which had, at one point, reached $5.4 million, according to CNN.

Clinton’s campaign committee at one time reportedly owed $12 million to creditors and over $13 million to Clinton herself after she loaned the campaign money.

Clinton’s campaign raised $158,000 in the fourth quarter of 2012 and began 2013 with $205,000, CNN also reported. Those funds can be used for future campaigns for federal office.