THIS IS too precious for words. I just couldn’t stop smiling. And rolling my eyes. Then just gave up and started laughing.

When has a blaring headline like…


You know something big, fat an hilariously overwrought is going to follow.  Because when it comes to girls, culture and the conservative mind, nothing brings a brain freeze faster than young girls unafraid and uncensored. Well, except if you’re talking about a free woman who is unmarried and gainfully employed, who’s also incredibly happy about it all.


It’s the kind of thing her kids will someday show her on YouTube; hopefully, she’ll mature enough by then to be embarrassed. She also is given to “Hollywood brave” pronouncements like that she won’t get married herself until gays can. And you members of the Greatest Generation thought you knew courage.

The characters seem to live in a minority and Republican-free bubble (though a black Republican (!) shows up as a character this season). There is no reference to religion “” that wouldn’t occur to them.

Questions of traditional morality never arise “” of course you should consider an abortion! Instead of facing questions of morality, the characters face questions of behavior along the lines Seinfeld parodied “” who has “hand“ in a relationship, or the social faux pas of the “close talker.” To put it bluntly, these are not the big questions that the great thinkers of Western civilization have pondered over the centuries.

Others on the right begin to ponder… but get tied up on a hamster wheel of words.

Others on the right consider “GIRLS,” then look to England.

And others try to be profound, but trip on word definitions.

Conservatives on the far flung right trying to appreciate, let alone understand the genius of “GIRLS,” is kind of like them trying to accept the point of the birth control pill. It doesn’t work and turns ugly when they try. See Rick Santorum.

As Rachel Maddow says in the video below, the Violence Against Women Act proves that the problem far flung conservatives have with girls goes beyond the HBO show.

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