“I’m not personally, at this stage, ready to get rid of the 60-vote threshold.” – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

THIS MAY not be the most pathetic statement on what the twisting of the meaning of filibuster has done to the meaning of “majority” in the Senate, but it comes close.

Reid goes on to talk about “the history of the Senate” and the importance of preserving it.

Since when does a supermajority preserve that history? Senator Reid isn’t stupid, so he must know it doesn’t. He expects everyone to believe this crap?

The Senate is supposed to be a more deliberative body. Reid’s malarkey about not being ready to do away with a 60-vote threshold cements that it will continue not to be what the founders intended.

This is sheer cowardice and refusal to lead change in the Senate that’s absolutely needed. It’s abdication of his job as a Democratic Senate majority leader.

Democrats need new blood or at least someone who is up to the job at hand, which is getting President Obama’s agenda through in the first 9 months of his second term, before stasis sets in.