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David Bowie’s Lush “Where Are We Now?” [Video]

IT’S HIS 66th birthday, but we get the gift. It’s also Elvis Presley’s birthday (TCM aired some of his movies today). But Bowie’s very much alive and he’s not only unleashing a new song, but a new album, too.

The song, available on iTunes and free to view on his re-launched website, was recorded in New York and will be followed by Bowie’s first studio album since 2003, “The Next Day”, due out in Australia on March 8 and the United States on March 12. [Reuters]

First reviews of the song are overwhelmingly positive.

Bowie’s new song – Where are we now? – is free of such bluster — it’s gentle, elegiac and stunningly beautiful.

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2 Responses to David Bowie’s Lush “Where Are We Now?” [Video]

  1. fangio January 8, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    So I guess you’ve finally decided to give up politics and become a movie and music critic. Good for you, reality really sucks.

  2. Taylor Marsh January 9, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    Thanks for giving me a good reason to repost what I wrote over the holidays as a reminder about the new media magazine format TM became in September:

    As for TM as a new media magazine, what this means since I went to this format in September is that the content is wider reaching. It’s not just about politics here anymore, though that is the driving engine. The object of TM as a new media magazine is to give you a view to what’s going on in the world each day, grabbing stories and headlines that are buzzing around the globe, as well as those that catch my editor’s eye, including the trivial that draws the public’s attention like a magnet, even if you don’t think the story is important. If it’s taking up oxygen and squeezing out more important stories it’s worth covering for that fact alone; it’s a window into our human priorities that gives a snapshot of who we are and why we’re where we are today.

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