FROM CNN, with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie taking to the airwaves, laying out Speaker Boehner for his lack of leadership in the House.

Christie said he was given assurances that the House would consider the package after it dealt with the fiscal cliff deal that it passed Tuesday night. But late Tuesday, he said, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told him that the “authority for the (Sandy) vote was pulled by the speaker.”

Christie said he then “called the speaker four times last night, and he didn’t take my calls.”

“Every day that we don’t begin to get this aid are days that we can’t get people back in their homes, get businesses reopened. … It’s absolutely disgraceful,” Christie said.

Christie’s bully pulpit put to good use.

That Speaker John Boehner allowed this to happen should be enough to get him sacked from his speakership. This is what Congress is supposed to do in times of dire emergencies. It’s political malpractice and every single Republican responsible should pay for it with his or her job.