Yesterday on Facebook I noticed a couple of posts making fun of the actions of Idle No More, a “worldwide indigenous movement,” and other groups acting in solidarity with INM. That came as I was thinking about what I’d read at Idle No More; at Roar Magazine, “A continuation of 500 years of indigenous resistance”; at Tar Sands Blockade, “Spectacular Aerial Tree Blockade Halts Construction in Solidarity with Idle No More First Nations Movement”; at Occupy Wall Street Press and the actions of Occupy London, “Occupy invades to halt bulldozers at Battersea playground”; and at #J19 Texas Rally Against Citizens United.

Those are just a few of the actions and advocacy efforts I’m aware of, and of course, even that bigger total is a miniscule portion of the many efforts around the nation, much less internationally. Being ignored, dismissed, minimized and ridiculed are among the “to be expected” reactions. However, so is hearing from people who support your efforts, who let you know they’ve learned from your actions, become better, probably more accurately, informed.

If you have time to check out any of the links above, and share your thoughts, or add some links of your own, please do so. We can learn from and with each other.

Advocacy and activism aren’t short-term projects. And generally, they aren’t “single issue.”

(IdleNoMore photo via Idle No More)