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News Desk: US Confirms Syria has used Scuds Against Rebels

US confirms Syria has used Scuds against rebels (via AFP)

The Syrian regime has fired Scud missiles at rebel forces trying to oust Bashar al-Assad, a US official said, after Arab and Western states recognised the opposition bloc as the sole representative there. “Scuds landed within Syria,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity. Earlier Wednesday…

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3 Responses to News Desk: US Confirms Syria has used Scuds Against Rebels

  1. mjsmith December 13, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    “Among them is the Al-Nusra Front, which the United States blacklisted on Tuesday as a terrorist organisation, citing links to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.”

    So they just figured Tuesday that the US Government had been giving aid to al-quaeda. This group is not “linked” to al-quaeda, that ARE al-quaeda. We had been supporting the very same terrorists that killed US Soldiers in Iraq.

    Families are huddled up in Damascus. There is a shortage of food and other critical needs.

    How does this disaster in Syria benefit the Syrian People? How does this help The United States or any of our interests? How does this help any of Syria’s neighboring countries?

    People are in prison for supporting al-quaeda.

    I would slam the Obama administration for this catastrophe. Obama and his team do not deserve 100% of the blame. The republicans had either been silent on this issue or support our involvement. There are even GOP leaders saying that we are not doing enough to destroy Syria.

    Is this what we want?

    I had said before, once the Syrian Government goes, the real civil war will begin.

  2. Taylor Marsh December 13, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    It’s so embedded in the American psyche to think America can always prevent and can still impact, these situations, as you show, mjsmith.

    After the Arab spring you’d think people would wake up. But no evidence of it yet.

    Not even after Benghazi were people educated.

    There is far more evidence of war crimes in Syria than there ever was in Libya. It’s just that the latter was doable by establishment political standards, while the former is far, far messier and implausible to impact without real carnage ensuing.

    This was inevitable once the hounds of freedom were let loose and spread to closed societies that made ready by the warnings.

  3. Jane Austen December 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    The days of the US impacting what is going on in the ME are over. The revolution is going to have to run its course. Hopefully we can provide the right kind of aid that is required. Assad needs to go. I don’t know how strong the Al-Nusra Front is in Syria but hopefully the National Coalition can marginalize Al-Nusra but I hope they don’t make a bargain with the devil.

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