Of the 79 insider attacks from May 2007 to September 2012, military investigators found that 38 percent were likely to have been triggered by personal motives; 6 percent were suspected cases of enemy infiltration; and 14 percent were attributed to co-option, in which insurgents persuaded a member of the security forces to help carry out an attack. The cause of 38 percent of the cases was unknown or still under investigation. – Many insider attacks in Afghanistan stem from personal motives, data suggest

EVERY YEAR it’s the same tired dance.

Who will it be?

The drum roll.

Meanwhile, the entire national media sucks up this obvious marketing ploy by Time magazine, helping them keep their format irrelevancy in view in the new media era. Magazines are receding from prominence year by year, with Playboy recently sending out their latest issue as a January-February edition, signaling subscriptions of the vaunted mag have changed forever.

So, this year Time chooses President Obama.

How very novel, the President! Another establishment power personality, someone famous and who gets plenty of attention every day, while unsung heroes get ignored.

There is only one choice who should be identified this year and that’s The Soldier in Afghanistan fighting a decade-old war while America goes shopping for stocking stuffers and Time magazine looks for publicity.