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The American Right’s War on Women, Sandy Hook Edition

JUST WHEN you think the American right can’t get more offensive or insulting towards modern women, along comes an anti-feminist throw back to prove they’ll never accept a woman in charge.

From the hog-tied mind of a woman in bondage, though not the fun 50 Shades type; the kind that holds her hostage to a past that puts women out of the national leadership picture forever.

Charlotte Allen over at the National Review on why Sandy Hook happened:

There was not a single adult male on the school premises when the shooting occurred. [...] There didn’t even seem to be a male janitor to heave his bucket at Adam Lanza’s knees. Women and small children are sitting ducks for mass-murderers. [...] But in general, a feminized setting is a setting in which helpless passivity is the norm. Male aggression can be a good thing, as in protecting the weak – but it has been forced out of the culture of elementary schools and the education schools that train their personnel. Think of what Sandy Hook might have been like if a couple of male teachers who had played high-school football, or even some of the huskier 12-year-old boys, had converged on Lanza. – Charlotte Allen

In one fell swoop, Charlotte Allen discounts women, because we don’t have the brawn of a man. But this is nothing coming from Allen. Her notion of a bright idea begins with “A GOP Cure.” Guess what it is? Sarah Palin for president in 2016. Allen doesn’t reconcile this thought with her drivel on a “feminized” environment at Sandy Hook.

Adam Lanza force his way in into Sandy Hook Elementary School armed with a high-powered semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle, a semiautomatic Glock and a SIG Sauer, with plenty of high-capacity clips to create whatever havoc and bloodletting he wanted. A jock and fat boys “converging” on a lunatic child hell bent for carnage would have just gotten killed.

We learn that through the actions of principal Dawn Hochsprung, who reportedly “lunged” at Adam Lanza “trying to overtake him.” She was killed for her efforts. Victoria Soto, a 27-year-old teacher, was killed reportedly trying to hide her students.

“Male aggression” and sheer madness is what has caused most of the massacres in this country.

Charlotte Allen doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but that she’d take to the web to prove it at NRO illustrates yet another example why Republicans have lost so many women. It also explains why the entire leadership of the Republican Party remains a bunch of pasty white guys.

The Republican right has forgotten the legacies of Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher, as well as so many other female leaders across the world charged with protecting their nation and the people the govern, but they also don’t seem ready for an American version as commander in chief.

According to Charlotte Allen, a female president would be a figure head surrounded by brawny men in shoulder pads. It’s unknown whether a “feminized” commander in chief would be capable of making decisions about war and peace herself.

The American right is a scourge, but the females held hostage by that ideology would hold this nation to the laws of the 1950s forever, if given the chance.

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8 Responses to The American Right’s War on Women, Sandy Hook Edition

  1. secularhumanizinevoluter December 20, 2012 at 5:40 am #

    I would comment of the either rank stupidity and ignorance of Ms.Charlotte Allen or her utterly whorish parroting of the repugnantklan/teabagger/UBERChristiofascist line but I am concerned it will be construed as a personal attack against her.

    • Taylor Marsh December 20, 2012 at 8:13 am #

      It’s too bad you can’t find a way to express your opinion without it. Maybe that’s something you can work on in the New Year.

      Merry Christmas, secularh.

      • secularhumanizinevoluter December 20, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

        It’s a failing I have I know….I take life personally. But it’s worked pretty well for me so far.
        I like to think of it as being completely honest so there is no doubt on anyone’s part as to how I feel about either the content or the one expressing the views……at that point in time anyway.
        I think the world would probably be a better place if everyone were that clear with others.
        Have a nice Yule.

        • Taylor Marsh December 20, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

          Being “completely honest” is one thing; being rude and personally insulting is another. The tight comment community here at TM could use less combat and flame throwing, your specialty, and more measured debate. Jumping down people’s throat, sec, is something I’d appreciate you’d refrain from in the New Year. The tight comment community won’t grow if people feel intimidated.

          However, all versions of TM have been geared more to the reader than commenter. It began that way for in the ’90s, long before this WP version. The only exception was during the ’08 election season with Clinton’s candidacy.


          We’re having a blast! Hope you and yours are, too.

          • secularhumanizinevoluter December 20, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

            Having fun getting ready for Florida.
            I honestly don’t see where measured debate comes in when ridiculously misinformed to out right lie/fantasy is bandied about by some as if it had some relationship with reality.
            However since it is your place and I’m a visitor I will try to comply with your wishes.

  2. james richardson December 20, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    “Male aggression” and sheer madness is what has caused most of the massacres in this country.

    Yes, because if history has taught us anything it’s that male dominated societies are models of peace and tranquility.

    • ladywalker68 December 20, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

      james–your sarcasm made me laugh out loud.

      Oh, Dear. Where to start with this? Well, for some things, there are simply no words. I am 99% speechless on this one. Good grief. Too bad this “thing” can’t have a conversation with the principal and teachers who gave their lives protecting the children.

  3. Jane Austen December 20, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    I’m sure my ancestral grandmother would just love Charlotte Allen’s explanation for the horror of Sandy Hook. My ancestral grandmother took 12 children in a wagon from Easton, PA in the mid 1700s and traveled to western NY. It wasn’t what you’d call a joy ride. She knew how to use a gun to hunt and protect her children. I hardly think though that she would have been able to defend against an assault rifle. I don’t know too many men who could have done anything more at Sandy Hook than these teachers did.

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