THE HEADLINE says it all and the emergency is very real.

Activist progressives across the spectrum have been working to defeat President Obama’s plan to cut Social Security and hand Republicans something they couldn’t do on their own. Social Security cuts are assured, with Nancy Pelosi and establishment Democrats joining President Obama, unless you get busy and get everyone you know calling and shouting.

Progressive insiders have been trying our best, doing what we do. We have reminded Democrats of all the promises they have made to not cut Social Security benefits. We have had the policy discussions about why this is a bad idea for poor and middle-class seniors and seniors-to-be. There have been full page ads in The Washington Post, and coalition meetings aplenty to coordinate lobbying strategies. There have been discussions with Democrats about why this is bad for them politically, showing them all the polls that make that point. Appeals to morality and the Democratic legacy on Social Security have been made. But as of now, it has all been for naught. The president is moving forward with his plan, Nancy Pelosi has jumped on board, and things are rolling. The way DC works, if the Republicans say yes (and they very well might, it has been their goal to cut Social Security benefits ever since it was created), this will happen. Unless the people speak out very, very loudly. – Mike Lux

The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121. The White House number is 202-456-1414. You can sign a petition here.

That’s only the start of it.

Help MoveOn and Working America.

Talk to everyone you know.

Unless everyone gets busy, Social Security as we’ve known it since it was conceived and implemented by F.D.R. is gone with the wind.

This isn’t a Nixon to China moment; it’s Democrats opening the policy door that is sure to lead to further entitlement cuts in the future.