The Washington Blade questioned WH Press Secretary Jay Carney about an idea that’s been around since the beginning of Obama’s first term: how about an executive order that would ban federal contractors from employment discriminating against LGBTs?

Under questioning from the Washington Blade, Carney reiterated that the administration prefers a legislative solution to the problem ““ passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ““ similar to the process that led to repeal of “˜Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

“˜Our position on that hasn’t changed,’ Carney said. “˜We point to, as you and I have discussed, the process that led to the effective repeal of “˜Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ as a model for the way to approach these issues. I don’t have any updates for you on our approach.’

Carney reiterated Obama’s support for ENDA while noting that the proposed executive order does not provide expansive protections that would be afforded under the legislation.

Proponents of the executive order step argue that it wouldn’t preclude the preferred “legislative solution,” and in fact would provide at least some protections, and perhaps incentivies, during that process.

Over the weekend, prominent gay Democratic lobbyist Steve Elemendorf was quoted by lesbian journalist Karen Ocamb as saying Obama “˜needs to do it in the first six months of the year.’

Asked whether his remarks rule out the possibility of the order within the first six months of next year, Carney said he isn’t “˜speculating on a hypothetical situation.’

(Rainbow People via FB GLBT News)