Yesterday two conservative “pundits” made statements about “same-sex marriage” that were in themselves signs of the growing support for marriage equality. George Will and Mary Matalin made their comments on ABC’s “This Week.” The discussion occurred related to the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act cases, and came as the first same-gender marriages in Washington state had occurred.

From George Stephanopoulos at ABC News:

ABC’s George Will said Sunday … it’s clear where public opinion is headed.

“˜There is something like an emerging consensus,’ Will said, noting voters in three states recently endorsed same-sex marriage initiatives. “˜Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It’s old people.’

Consensus is well along its “emerging” way, in part because the “opposition to gay marriage is dying.” The long-made argument / comment among LGBTs has been about just that: in a few generations, support for LGBT equality will be, if not the norm, much more widely held. It’s happening. There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s happening.

About Matalin’s comments, from Annie-Rose Strasser at Think Progress:

Previously, Matalin has defended “˜traditional marriage’ and said that marriage equality was not a “˜civil rights issue.’ But on Sunday, Matalin opted to fall back on the argument that unwed parents, not gays and lesbians, are leading to the downfall of American morality … .

From Stephanopoulos:

… Republican strategist Mary Matalin said there are other issues at play.
“˜There are important constitutional, biological, theological, ontological questions relative to homosexual marriage, but people who live in the real world say the greatest threat to civil order is heterosexuals who don’t get married and are making babies,’ Matalin said.

“˜That’s an epidemic in crisis proportions. That is irrefutably more problematic for our culture than homosexuals getting married,’ she added.

Matalin isn’t as forthcoming as Will. Actually, she just changes the subject, or in this case, the object identified as the biggest, scariest threat. But that’s also an indication of how things are changing.

(Marriage Not Gay Marriage poster via Wipe Out Homophobia on FB)