SANDY TAUGHT us a lot this year, that is if you didn’t already get the problem. Lesson one: climate change is real.

But what will be done on climate change is not encouraging, if past is indeed prologue.

President Obama has another chance in his second term. Few allies exist in the right-wing Tea Party faction, but one Republican has led on climate change and could help make climate change action

The National Journal on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role and what he plans to do to help educate the public and get something done, an excerpt:

When California enacted a tough clean-air rule reining in global-warming pollution from vehicle tailpipes, the auto industry and its allies in Congress fought hard to have it overturned.

Instead, 14 other states passed tailpipe-emissions rules modeled on the California standard.

“That gave Obama the momentum and the political cover to say, ‘There are enough states doing this–let’s federalize it,’ “ Tamminen said.

And in May 2009, Obama followed California’s lead, using the executive authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to make the tough California tailpipe regulations apply nationwide.

Schwarzenegger stood with Obama in the White House Rose Garden when the announcement was made.

Tamminen thinks the same thing can happen with cap-and-trade policy, as California’s carbon market links up to other state and regional markets around the country and the world. “When you aggregate all that, it becomes a tidal wave,” he said.

Schwarzenegger is expanding his climate advocacy beyond the policy push. He is collaborating with James Cameron, who directed him in The Terminator, on the production of a new Showtime series that will begin airing in 2013 about the effects of climate change.