From Tar Sands Blockade:

Mike Bishop has won a temporary restraining order against TransCanada

A judge ordered TransCanada to halt construction on Mr. Bishop’s land until a hearing on December 19th. If successful, that hearing could lead to a more long term temporary injunction against TransCanada which could stop work for months! Here’s a brief testimonial shot this morning of Mr. Bishop in front of courthouse.
Bishop has been fighting against TransCanada’s destruction of his sustainable biofuel farm. His lawsuit argues that TransCanada’s permit depends upon a erroneous definition of tar sands as a type of crude oil.

“˜Tar sands oil ““ or diluted bitumen ““ does not meet the definition as outlined in Texas and federal statutory codes which define crude oil as “˜liquid hydrocarbons extracted from the earth at atmospheric temperatures,’ Bishop said. When tar sands are extracted in Alberta, Canada, the material is almost a solid and “˜has to be heated and diluted in order to even be transmitted,’ he told The Associated Press exclusively.

“˜They lied to the American people,’ Bishop said.

See the AP story here. Also see a December 7 post at Tar Sands Blockade, Landowner’s Dream of Sustainable Biofuel Farm Destroyed by TransCanada, which begins:

Outside the small, East Texas town of Douglass, TransCanada continues bulldozing and clearing to make way for the construction of their toxic tar sands pipeline, leaving a 110-foot wide scar of desert spanning across forests and front yards. One resident, Michael Bishop, has been fighting the devastating project for years in an effort to save his home and livelihood from what he describes as an invasion of a foreign company that will forever ruin his land and business.

In addition to growing food for his family, Bishop”“a retired chemist and former marine”“is in business to produce biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel from grasses grown on his property, directly in the right-of-way of the Keystone XL pipeline. TransCanada is currently preparing to turn the very land that Bishop cultivates for alternative fuel production into a swath of unproductive desert, forever ruining his business and leaving his front yard a permanent eyesore.

(Michael Bishop via Tar Sands Blockade)