RIGHT NOW Scott Brown is leading Democrats by a mile in Massachusetts, as a recent WBUR poll showed, also revealing holding Kerry’s seat after a placeholder is appointed against Brown will require a smart campaign by a good candidate.

The closest Democrat to Brown in popularity is Martha Coakley, who ran a horrible race last time around, with Rep. Ed Markey 30-points behind her. But what if Ted Kennedy, Jr., who would throw the Kennedy machine into gear again, or Ben Affleck, decided to run?

Brown’s approval rating is 58%, even after his scurrilous personal attack campaign against Elizabeth Warren. It’s also likely that helping buoy his popularity is that compared to the crazies in the Republican Party, Scott Brown stands out as a model of moderation and sanity. He even came out for an assault weapons ban after the Sandy Hook slaughter.

But Kerry’s Senate seat is anything but gone to Brown, though progressives started wringing their hands even before Kerry was nominated for Secretary of State. There’s close to flop sweat already developing among activists over Kerry’s seat.

Enter Ben Affleck

On “Face the Nation” Sunday, Ben Affleck didn’t say no. He also knows how to tease the possibility.

GQ interviews Affleck and asks the question, too.

As for his movie career, especially as a director, if you haven’t see Argo you should. It’s a spectacular story and his direction is as good or better than in The Town.

When progressive activists hear Affleck talk about Iran, however, I’m wondering if they’ll be less enthused. Then again, sometimes it’s just about winning and keeping a Senate majority.

One thing’s certain, Mr. Affleck certainly knows how to handle the camera and public interaction, with his family a perfect picture that includes his wife Jennifer Garner, who sacrificed her movie career to raise their children.