THREE STATE Department officials have resigned following the report on Benghazi that was made public today, according to the Associated Press, quoted in the New York Times.

The A.P., quoting an unidentified administration official, said Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, and Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, had resigned. The third person, who was not identified, was an official with the department’s Bureau of Near East Affairs, The A.P. said.

More from the article:

“We did conclude that certain State Department bureau-level senior officials in critical positions of authority and responsibility in Washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability,” Adm. Mike Mullen, a panel member who is a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday. “State Department bureaus that were supporting Benghazi had not taken on security as a shared responsibility, so the support the post needed was often lacking and left to the working level to resolve,” Admiral Mullen said. [New York Times]