by the only and only Jim Cooke (via Tumblr)

THE ILLUSTRATION above goes with what Charlie Cook said today to Andrea Mitchell. Cook said Mitt Romney has to win over 80% (sorry, didn’t catch the exact number) of the battleground state electoral votes to win, while Obama only needs around 18%.

Are you hearing me now, Dick toe-sucker Morris?

And since the a new poll shows Obama up 6 in New Hampshire, from a teeny-tiny lead of 2 reported earlier in the week by NBC/WSJ/Marist poll, Romney’s off to Pennsylvania for a hail Mary, because he’s got to have one if New Hampshire is lost.

A new survey from New England College has President Obama leading Mitt Romney by 6 percentage points in New Hampshire, 49.5 percent to 44.4 percent.

He’ll be greeted in PA by William Jefferson Clinton, the hardest workin’ man in politics until Tuesday, as long as his voice holds out.