AFTER A historic election victory, planned and executed by the most effective political team ever assembled in American history, the reelected President blasted out the news to the world.

..and it just keeps reverberating.

I’m a flaming liberal, as I told one Obama Team member on Twitter today. But my job now is to tell the story of our lives as bluntly and honestly as I can, no matter where the hammer lands.

The map I drew before the results came in was 323 for Obama, 215 Romney, picking Virginia and Florida for Obama. I didn’t weigh the Colorado pot measure effectively.

To all of you out there who were invested in the personal victory, from fans to Obamabots to loyal supporters, as well as the political triumph of Barack Obama, this is your day to enjoy the victory. It doesn’t come any sweeter.

The good guys won, which makes me very happy, because that’s the story I highlight 24/7 and have been doing for over 18 years.