It’s the “Fall Back” time of the year, with the extra-special treat this time of having yet another full hour to enjoy the 2012 presidential election .You can Fall back “Forward!” with Obama, or Fall back to “Believe in America” with Romney. And while I realize this is really long-term thinking for We the Electorate of USA! USA!, it’s worth the stretch to consider the coming excitement when March rolls around, and we get to “Spring Forward” into the 2012 midterms, and even more thrilling, into the 2016 election cycle. Are we having fun OR what!?

Personally, I’ve already voted Green. Seeing the Green Party, along with several other party “alternatives,” on the ballot, with an even longer list of write-in possibilities, in the tiny Texas town where I vote actually was fun. Seeing Green candidates in down-ticket races added to the enjoyment.

Since the voting part of my civic duty is now complete for 2012, I’m thinking I may use the additional hour to “fall back,” way back, and listen to some music about time. Just a few selections. Please feel free to make your own.

“Turn, Turn, Turn,” Byrds

“Hazy Shade of Winter,” Simon & Garfunkel

“The Times They Are A-Changin’,” Bob Dylan

“Teach Your Children,” Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young