Soyono gave birth to three litters in 2001, 2004 and 2006, delivering a total of seven cubs. Her cubs, which the Zoo likes to refer to as Ambassadors of the species, now reside in several zoos across the country, with one transported as far as Japan. [Smithsonian Magazine]

CAT LOVER that I am, it doesn’t matter the size. These gorgeous and extraordinarily dangerous creatures are on the edge of extinction. Pictured above, Soyono, the 19-year-old Sumatran tiger was humanely euthanized yesterday at the National Zoo.

When Rokan was in the last days of his life and wouldn’t leave the “drafty, cramped, cement floored runway,” because of the same end of life illness, Soyono stayed by his side.

For the love of big cats.

The proud mother with her cubs (left) and her mate (right). Courtesy of the Zoo

All photographs compliments of the National Zoo, via the Smithsonian Magazine.