THE DISGRACE of Sean Hannity, where he inevitably illustrates his spectacular hacktackery yet again, is something I never get tired of reporting.

Unfortunately for Tucker Carlson, he let his partisan blinders get caught up in Hannity’s wide web of deceit.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has learned that the audio Sean Hannity played during his Friday, Nov. 2 broadcast was taken from a 2011 union protest against replacement workers during a Verizon strike. A YouTube video of the protest carries a description naming the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, local 827, as the source of the comments. That union local is based in East Windsor, N.J.

The Daily Caller regrets compounding the confusion.

As a long-time new-media publisher, I know these things happen, but believing Hannity in the first place is the biggest problem. If Sean is playing a tape over the air, anyone taking it at face values has no business being an editor. The man would lie about anything to hurt President Obama, but particularly unions that help the middle class, as opposed to Hannity’s pals in Club 1%.