IN AN interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Robert Redford had some astute observations about the politicians in Washington who are keeping our country from moving forward.

“He’s lightly touched on this as an issue, that it’s unfortunate that it took a storm of such consequence to draw the attention that could’ve been drawn by the candidates on the campaign trail,” the actor explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “Now I’m hopeful that [Obama] is going to take what his words were and put some teeth behind them.”

“It’s been tied up for so long, it’s been bottled up for so long, it takes awhile to undo things,” he said to THR. “Particularly when you have elements still in play there that are living in the 1950s. And their points of view are so narrow and so ideologically driven that it’s not likely you’re going to see much change there. As a matter of fact, it might provoke them to be even more contentious. So I guess I put my hope more in the people, not so much in current government.”

“The Beltway is a very complicated and troubled place,” he told THR.

Complicated is an understatement.