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News Desk — Raw Story: Indiana State Police Chief Advises Lawmakers to Legalize and Tax Pot

Indiana State Police chief advises lawmakers to legalize and tax pot (via Raw Story )

The top cop for the Indiana State Police on Tuesday advised a group of state lawmakers that marijuana be legalized and taxed. Speaking at a budget committee meeting, Superintendent Paul Whitesell noted that both Colorado and Washington had decriminalized small amounts of the drug for recreational use…

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One Response to News Desk — Raw Story: Indiana State Police Chief Advises Lawmakers to Legalize and Tax Pot

  1. mjsmith November 28, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    As long as there is more profit in keeping illegal, pot will not be legalized.

    There is a person whom I consider an enemy that is well connected politically. He is worse than any democrat.

    He and his wife are the founding members of the Drug Free America Foundation

    The DFAF used to be called Straight, Inc. until the name was legally changed.

    “DFAF was founded by Betty Sembler, wife of shopping center developer and Ambassador Mel Sembler. In 1976, Betty and Mel Sembler founded Straight, Incorporated, a “coercive rehabilitation” program in the United States that produced hundreds of reports of abuse of adolescents and their families during its 15 years of existence. Straight was adapted from the controversial therapeutic community programs Synanon and The Seed.”

    I know “toke of the town” blog may not be the most reliable of sources. I could independently verify this article.

    The new thing the Sembler and company had been doing is this S.O.S. crap which he claims will “Save OUR Society”. These people want to kepp pot illegal and have people who smoke pot Court Ordered into his abusive programs.

    I want to save our society from people like him and his abusive warehouses.

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