THIS NEEDS to be logged for posterity. All that’s missing is Dick Morris in the clown car with Pat Caddell.

Bottom line: Romney 315, Obama 223. That sounds high for Romney. But he could drop Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and still win the election. Fundamentals. – Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily, by Michael Barone

Going out on a limb, indeed. But if Obama does lose, he won’t lose small, so on that Barone has it covered.

Then there’s Nate Silver, saying Obama is the favorite electorally, which as you know is where I have been for a long time.

Or just keep it simple and average the polls together, warts and all. You will find that Mr. Obama is the Electoral College favorite. – Nov. 1: The Simple Case for Saying Obama Is the Favorite, by Nate Silver

I just started putting up polling numbers from across the spectrum at the very end of the race. However, this is a new kind of crazy.

Somebody is going to be wearing a lot of egg come Wednesday morning.

Have you lost your mind yet?