via Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski

IT’S ALL over but the voting, counting and lawyering, meanwhile, the Million Muppet March provides the perfect tableau for the last gasp of poll spinning.

David Axelrod called out Mitt Romney’s efforts in Pennsylvania, saying it shows he’s in “deep trouble.”

But–but–but Breitbart cites another poll that has Pennsylvania tied!

It has got to be exhausting keep the GOTV for Romney alive.

“Dead heat” in Michigan.

NBC/WSJ offers a meaningless national poll.

PPP says Obama up 8 in Minnesota. But conservative outfit AFF says Minnesota is a “toss-up.”

Columbia Dispatch says Ohio is a “toss-up,” too. Rob Portman says his state will prove “decisive.”

Voting remains the most important thing you can do this week. Make sure you have reading and stuff to do, because the lines could be long.

Election Day should be a national holiday. Imagine how fun that would be.