DELUSIONS OF Darth Vader dance in Paul Ryan’s head.

The New York Times tells quite a different story from the recent AP item that dripped of desperation of what to do after a Mitt Romney loss.

That is why some of Ryan’s biggest boosters are considering whether it wouldn’t be better for Ryan to resign from the House. He could write a book ““ “saving America” is a theme often bandied about ““ or teach at a university. – VP Ryan? Prof. Ryan? GOP nominee’s future unclear [Associated Press]

One thing is clear, the marketing weenies are working overtime on PR, making sure Ryan isn’t coated with what became the Sarah Palin curse. A reality TV show, a media gig, then virtual obscurity and barking from Facebook, Paul’s people are making sure that’s not where he’s headed.

Representative Paul D. Ryan may have largely disappeared from the national spotlight down the campaign homestretch, ceding attention to Mitt Romney. But if the Republican ticket prevails, Mr. Ryan plans to come back roaring, establishing an activist vice presidency that he said would look like Dick Cheney’s under President George W. Bush. – Ryan, Quiet for Now, Is Said to Be Planning for an Active Role

The think tank frat boy is gnashing at the bit to get to the budget.

The prospect of a deeply engaged vice president was described in interviews with campaign aides, close House colleagues and the few times Mr. Ryan has discussed his potential future job. Asked by a reporter last month if he expected the kind of broad responsibility for the economy that Mr. Cheney held for national security ““ as an aide suggested ““ Mr. Ryan said, “I do.”

“A large reason he was chosen was to help Romney govern,” an adviser to the campaign said. “Paul’s going to focus on being a partner.”

Paul Ryan doing for the U.S. economy what Dick Cheney did for national security. Torturing the American people would be the likely outcome.