OWN HAS struggled since its inception. Now Oprah Winfrey has partnered with Huffington Post in what is nothing short of a earthquake shift in Ms. Winfrey’s business model. Oprah joining Huffington Post joins two of the most powerful women, one from TV, the other from new-media, in a mega-partnership that deserves to draw coverage to see where it goes and what manifests from it.

The beginning of our brand new special section of OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, on one of the most respected, energizing digital platforms worldwide, The Huffington Post. Thank you, Arianna, for allowing us to extend “the conversation” about empowerment and how we can grow and evolve ourselves to the truest expression of who we each are meant to be. This is my calling, my heart’s deepest desire: to fulfill my highest potential and to share what I know to help you do the same.

Arianna Huffington on the new launch, which blasted off Thursday.

HuffPost OWN will focus on the themes of self-empowerment, healthy living for the mind and body, relationships, and how to simplify our lives — all seen through Oprah’s unique perspective. Talking with Oprah after her interview with Sheryl Sandberg, I mentioned HuffPost’s plan to launch a GPS for the Soul to help us course-correct and reconnect with ourselves. In fact, Oprah had been thinking about something similar and today, in her launch post, she writes: “More than ever we need to be in touch with our internal GPS — the inner voice that knows right from wrong that’s always guiding us true North. I want to use this fantastic web space to help point us there.” And that’s our intention, too, here at HuffPost — to focus on what Oprah calls “our desire for something greater… to know the depth of our spiritual selves.”

Let’s see where this goes and whether these two women can maximize their power by joining forces.