THE TOP commander in Afghanistan is now ensnared in the Petraeus – Broadwell – Shirtless FBI Agent – Kelley sex scandal and just might lose his promotion.

“At the request of the Secretary of Defense, the President has put on hold his nomination of Gen. Allen as SACEUR pending the investigation of Gen. Allen’s conduct by the Department of Defense IG,” National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said. “The president remains focused on fully supporting our extraordinary troops and coalition partners in Afghanistan, who Gen. Allen continues to lead as he has so ably done for over a year.” [Politico]

Emails of a “possibly inappropriate nature.”

When you’ve got the initial guy leaking information of an investigation to Rep. Eric Cantor, who should never have been in the loop in the first place and could just as easily kept his political nose out of it, after the initial guy sent shirtless photos to the hostess now allegedly exchanging 20-30,000 emails with a guy being considered for SACEUR, the definition of “inappropriate” with this crew is truly unknowable.

General Dunford’s confirmation to replace Allen in Afghanistan will go on as planned.

So, at least one of these people is more interested in his job than satisfying his corporeal curiosities, whatever they may be.

Sex drives us all, so maybe people who continually talk about “traditional” America will shut the hell up and understand that old fashioned standards don’t protect anyone from unmet desires. You don’t get any more traditional or institutional than the military, the CIA, and the FBI, the latter having a legacy of the ultimate peep show perp, J. Edgar Hoover, who went as far as anyone in U.S. history to abuse his power to collect dirt on fellow Americans.