Romney Campaign Photo

THERE WOULDN’T be this excitement, Kid Rock playing in the background, if Mitt Romney hadn’t changed the election trajectory with the first debate. It has allowed him to finish the race in a way that no one imagined last spring or in July, when he humiliated himself overseas. It’s really a remarkable turn of events that has Romney tied nationally with Obama.

What might have been if Mitt Romney had kept Hispanics, at least matching the numbers of John McCain. Quite a price that could be paid for his stance on immigration, though we’ll have to wait to see when this is over.

He entered the stage with his wife, the crowd in New Hampshire yelling “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt.” The excitement gets to Ann Romney and she lets out a “whoa!”

“Hope is on the way and it starts tomorrow,” Ann Romney says, talking to the women in the audience. She segues to introducing her husband, “the next president of the United States.”

The contrast between Barack Obama’s final speech and Mitt Romney’s is stark. Obama filled his with personal anecdotes, even if we’ve all heard them before, while Romney is doing a stump speech, nothing personal at all. He’s just not got any openness when he speaks to the American people.

There’s just no conversation at all.

But, boy, what a difference in the crowd from where Mitt Romney began. He was mobbed when he left the stage. These people believe.