THIS IS the secret to the best turkey imaginable. Immersing your bird in ice water, spices, even garlic and onion, sugar, and salt is a must, with a bottle of apple cider vinegar the secret ingredient, as far as I’m concerned.

We use a cooler and sit the bird in the garage, covered, but we’ve also used one of the refrigerator crisper bins, too. A large bag will do, as long as you can place the bird where it’s very cold, as if it were in a refrigerator.

No doubt you have your favorite turkey tricks, too.

On Thanksgiving, since we had our bird over the weekend, we’re going to have garlic shrimp linguini, one of our favorite splurges.

The portobello mushroom soup is almost gone, because it never lasts long when I make it.

If you need some last minute help the Food Network site has the answer, I’d bet. What did we ever do before Food TV existed?

Happy cooking… or just eating.

We’re going to start our Thanksgiving by going to the gym! It’s a tradition at our house.