IN CASE you weren’t aware of President Clinton’s schedule for President Obama, it’s below, from one of the pool reports on Saturday. On Monday, Clinton will make 4 stops in Pennsylvania.

In Virginia late Saturday night in Bristow, Virginia, with Clinton, Obama and Tim Kaine on the stage, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” even played in the background.

Clinton spoke in his signature hoarse campaign voice, wowing the crowd, as well as journalists on Twitter, myself included.


9/11: Miami, FL
9/12: Orlando, FL
10/3: Durham, NH
10/9: Las Vegas, NV
10/18: Parma, OH (event with Bruce Springsteen)
10/18: Wintersville, OH
10/19: Green Bay, WI
10/29: Orlando, FL
10/29: Youngstown, OH (event with Vice President Biden)
10/30: Minneapolis, MN
10/30: Duluth, MN
10/30: Commerce City, CO
10/30: Denver, CO
10/31: Council Bluffs, IA
10/31: Mason City, IA
10/31: Waterloo, IA
10/31 Eau Clare, WI
11/1: Waukesha, WI
11/1: Perrysburg, OH
11/1: Akron, OH
11/1: Chillicothe, OH
11/2: Palm Beach, FL
11/2: Palm Bay, FL
11/2: Ft. Myers, FL
11/2: St. Petersburg, FL
11/2: Tallahassee, FL

11/3: Chesapeake, VA
11/3: Roanoke, VA
11/3: Bristow, VA (event with POTUS and Dave Matthews)
11/4: Concord, NH (event with POTUS)
11/4: Dover, NH
11/4: Raleigh, NH
11/4: St. Cloud, MN
11/5: 4 stops in Pennsylvania