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Gov. Chris Christie Hits 72% Approval, Rewarded for Leading After Sandy, Education Deal

THIS IS the template for what it takes for voters to cross party lines to applaud a politician for doing his job. Gov. Christie showed leadership in the aftermath of nor’easter Sandy, as well as the ability to put doing his job for the people before party loyalty, for which he’s now being rewarded.

New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie did an “excellent” or “good” job responding to Hurricane Sandy, 95 percent of Garden State voters say, as they give the governor a 72 – 21 percent approval rating, the highest score Quinnipiac University ever measured for a New Jersey governor, according to a poll released today. [Quinnipiac University Poll]

Christie has filed paperwork to run again for governor of New Jersey and with approval ratings like this Newark Mayor Cory Booker will have to think very hard about taking him on. A recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll has Booker trailing Christie 34-53, with 13% choosing neither.

After Sandy, the sight of Gov. Christie standing next to President Obama during the final days of the 2012 presidential race, which included Christie praising him, stirred the ire of the far right, as well as Romney supporters.

I seriously doubt this will matter come 2016, which will likely remain a tantalizing target for Christie, as Republicans try to settle on a winner who can cross over in the next general election.

Another win by Gov. Christie, this one on teacher merit-pay, was seen recently on “Morning Joe,” when he was sitting next to American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten after they came to a deal on merit-pay in Newark, New Jersey, which happens to be Booker’s back yard.

The bigger news from the segment might be that Christie, who is up for re-election next year and has made teachers unions a conspicuous punching bag, was appearing alongside American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, to talk about how they reached a merit-payment agreement that covers teachers in Newark.

“We found that boulevard of compromise that exists, between compromising your principles–which neither of us would ever do–and getting everything you want, which you’re never going to get. There’s always a boulevard between there, sometimes broad, sometimes narrow. The job of a leader is to find the way out to that boulevard and make progress for the people of your state.”

Ms. Weingarten also praised Christie for his leadership after Sandy (see video below), which has gone a long way to crystallizing his image, much the way 9/11 did for Giuliani.

Christie is seen as a bully by many, but his Trumanesque style and bluntness is just as likely to be refreshing to non-ideological voters sick of today’s hyper-partisanship. The New Jersey governor is the first politician on the right in a long time showing the same cross-over qualities that created Reagan Democrats back in 1980.

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7 Responses to Gov. Chris Christie Hits 72% Approval, Rewarded for Leading After Sandy, Education Deal

  1. secularhumanizinevoluter November 27, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    If you want a belly laugh go to wingnut radio and listen to what they have to say about the Governor. He’s a turn coat…he’s a TRAITOR…he should be kicked out of the repugnantklan/teabagger party!
    His actions during and after Sandy…including his embracing of President Obama and the relief he brought and continues to bring to NJ SHOULD make him the hands down front runner for consideration as a candidate in 16 if there was anyone sane left in the upper echelons of the repug.bagger mob… many Dems are among that 72%? But NOOOoooooo! The wingnut party base is DEMANDING his head on a platter!!
    GREAT!! I sincerely want them to stay true to their “beliefs” and keep on with EXACTLY the same sort of shenanigans that brought them so much success in 2012. PLEASE!!!

  2. Taylor Marsh November 27, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    I’ve heard the right on Christie, which just makes him MORE viable after 2012, not less. It won’t stop him from being a top tier candidate in 2016. There will be a lot stronger push from the sane conservative wing in 2016 than there was in 2012. The crazies can back Santorum!

    Only Christie being Christie can burst his approval balloon, but that’s the down side of being blunt and in your face in the new media, 24/7 era.

  3. mjsmith November 27, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    I have a strong feeling that he is being built up for no other reason than to be knocked back down.

    I am willing to bet that the same people that are singing hispraises today are going to be the same people who are going to attack him in a few years.

    I like Governor Christie and I wish he ran for President.

    • Taylor Marsh November 27, 2012 at 10:34 am #

      That’s the American political way; we always build politicians up to bring them down.

      Christie can handle it and he will be criticized, too, as he should be when he gets things wrong.

      Whether his Trumanesque bluntness wears well the more he gets coverage is another thing altogether.

      Gov. Christie will get *fair* coverage from me, because I’ve made no secret that I think he’s got the *potential* to create a “Christie Dem” block like the old Reagan Democrat label, though we’ll have to wait to see what develops, as it’s way too soon to tell at this point.

      • spincitysd November 27, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

        I’m seriously doubting Christie can keep the shine for long. He is too much a creature of the hot house New York City media bubble. He is also guilty of typical Republican crony capitalism. The private prisons are a hot mess in NJ, and there are other examples yet to be published. NJ is a political sewer Taylor, everyone is corrupt in one way or another. Sooner of later that corrupt NJ norm is going to bite The Blob in the tenders.

        • StrideHyde November 27, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

          I so agree with spincity. This is a media love affair. Perry had one, Santorum had one, Newt had one, Herman Cain had one. Hell Christie had one about a year ago. If he runs in 2016 all the stench spin refers to plus more will follow him. And as for playing the big heart: ask the Attlantic City mayor how he feels about Christie. Booker stepped in it right before Thanksgiving in a Newark city council meeting. The shine is him as well.

  4. secularhumanizinevoluter November 27, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    Frankly Gov. Christie isn’t blunt…when confronted on just about anything he goes from zero to thug in 6.5 seconds. But this IS Murica and that is not necessarily a negative with the electorate…ESPECIALLY the much put upon, brow beaten white male voter.(JEEBUS I hope the sarcasm come across there!!)
    As far as his viability…unless something DRASTIC changes in the Repub party before the next primaries the Santorum level crazies will be out in even greater force…they are convinced they lost because they didn’t have a conSERvative enough dog in the fight. Christie would be scarey because he would draw Dems who only voted for Obama because he is a Dem…..but I think he would lose the psycho repug/bagger/UBER base in the primaries.

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