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News Desk: George Allen Lends Campaign $500,000 on the Sly

TIM KAINE must be having a chuckle over this one. He’s creamed Allen in the debates, but the race remains tight, as does the one at the top of the ticket here in Virginia.

After debates over the economy and sequestration charges, Allen seems to be running dry in the last days of a brutal race. No sin in that, but it’s never a good sign when a candidate loans himself money this late.

George Allen loaned $500,000 this week to his U.S. Senate campaign, a sign that the Republican candidate may be feeling financially pressed in the closing days of his race.

… Allen’s $500,000 loan to his campaign, made on Monday, was not announced publicly, but he revealed it on a required “48-hour notice” of fundraising that he filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Senate. Allen’s campaign had not responded to a request for comment as of this posting.

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One Response to News Desk: George Allen Lends Campaign $500,000 on the Sly

  1. Ga6thDem November 1, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    Kind of speaks volumes about either the VA GOP or the voters in the GOP primary that someone like George Allen is the nominee.

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