THE INTERVIEW ended quickly when Tom Ricks, noted military blogger and author, called the Fox News channel what it is, “a wing of the Republican Party.”

Classic exchanged and deserved, because from the moment the Benghazi terrorist attack occurred FNC has offered coverage that was biased and unbalanced, which I proved time and again, first in an attempt to help Mitt Romney through using hyper partisan analysis, then turning to a campaign that focused on ruining Ambassador Susan Rice’s reputation, when the questions that needed to be asked had nothing to do with her.

Ambassador Rice will be meeting with Senator McCain today, with Senators Graham and Ayotte present, but also with acting C.I.A. Director Mike Morell at her side. It’s the beginning of what is widely believed in Washington as the ramp up to President Obama announcing her nomination for secretary of state. Senator Kerry has also been mentioned, but all signs point to Rice.