Rep. Kathy Hochul (left), Debra Cooper (right)

IT WAS an event this week in Washington, D.C. that provided a glimpse of the strong support for Debra Cooper, who is running for New York City Council, District 6, in November 2013.

The women who came out to show solidarity with one of the strongest female voices in the Democratic Party included Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, San Diego Congresswoman Susan Davis, as well as renowned author Jennifer Lawless, known for her data driven scholarship on electoral politics, who has also run for office herself.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island, famous for her gun control advocacy, is another powerhouse female supporting Cooper’s candidacy.

Debra Cooper is a long term member of the Board of NARAL ProChoiceNY. She’s been a leader in the fight for women’s rights, reproductive freedom and healthcare. Starting with working on the landmark New York City and State Clinic Access bills and more recently working tirelessly to assure that there were no limits on reproductive rights in The Affordable Healthcare Act, she has fought to make sure our voice is heard.

Leading progressives like Bob Borosage, head of the progressive think tank, Campaign for the American Future, as well as Larry Mishel, Pres. Of the Economic Policy Institute, are supporting Cooper’s candidacy, as are many progressive bloggers including Dave Alpert, who hosted the Washington, D.C. event. Shaunna Thomas of the important feminist group UltraViolet is behind Cooper’s candidacy and also attended the D.C. event, with other progressive activists and bloggers also investing in her candidacy, including Beth Becker, Carol Pensky, Charles Chamberlain, Lane Hudson and Matt Browner Hamlin, but also the popular, well respected “teacherken” at DailyKos.

The early wide support is unheard of for a local city council race, even in competitive New York City politics.

As for me, I don’t jump into political races lightly anymore, but I’ve known Debra for several years and have seen her advocacy in action. We need more women in politics and she is the finest example of paying your dues, working for progressive policies behind the scenes for years, which has earned her the right to run for office as a serious candidate who deserves support next November.

The greatest thing about the D.C. event that Dave Alpert graciously hosted was the solidarity of the women that were there. But also the feminist loving men, people like media guru Joel Silberman, of Mike Lux’s progressive group Democracy Partners, who know the importance of having more women run for office and are committed to helping make it happen.

Each of the women who spoke talked about how they met Debra, which happened through her advocacy for them! That’s Debra, she’s always there when a progressive cause is on the table or a woman is standing up to be heard and needs help getting her voice to a larger audience.

So, get ready New York.

District 6, pay attention.

You’ve got a great candidate in Debra Cooper, so take a stand and make sure it’s by her side.

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