OH. SWEET. Jesus.

Another patriarchal slap in the face, where the elite establishment rules over the majority, by acquiescing to individual parishes who want women to be held unworthy of the same religious power as men. The decision by the Church of England follows in line with other fundamentalist religions from Southern Baptist to the Catholic Church to Muslim and Jewish religions, whose war against women having power equal to men in the church is foundational.

From USA Today:

Passage of legislation to allow women to serve as bishops must be approved by two-thirds majorities in the synod’s three houses: bishops, priests and laity. Synod members were voting on the latest compromise which calls for church leaders to “respect” the position of parishes that oppose female bishops ““ without saying exactly what “respect” means.

The vote was 132 in favor and 74 against. In separate votes, bishops voted 44-3 in favor with 2 abstentions, and clergy voted 148-45 in favor.

The push to muster a two-thirds majority among lay members of the General Synod was expected to be close, with many on both sides unsatisfied with a compromise proposal to accommodate individual parishes that spurn female bishops.

And people wonder why 20% of Americans say they are no longer “traditionally” religious.

We need a global religious reformation. This will come immediately after peace in the Middle East and the recognition and border agreement of a new Palestine.