“I care more about this country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge.” – Senator Saxby Chambliss

GROVER NORQUIST has no plan to pay down the debt, Chambliss charges. That’s because Norquist and the American right really do want to drown government in the bathtub. But if Republicans choose to listen to people championing this message, which includes right-wing radio hacks Hannity, Ingraham and Limbaugh, the Grand Old Party will become a minority force forever. I don’t think smarter conservatives will allow that to happen, at least I hope they don’t.

What Norquist’s plan for this country would mean for Gov. Chris Christie’s New Jersey after Sandy hit, Norquist doesn’t say, because he has no plan that benefits people.

Norquist, Hannity, et al. don’t understand the role of government in the lethally stacked deck of today’s modern society, where people falling through the wealth chasm means disadvantaged women and children, disabled and elderly having no quality of life.

Americans learned again, through Obama’s stimulus, but also in the aftermath of nor’easter Sandy, what the federal government can do and what it means to average Americans in times of trouble.

You’d think Republicans would have learned the ultimate lesson on what the auto bailout meant to people after the message Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin sent to Mitt Romney in the November election.

George W. Bush’s tax cuts in the middle of two wars and the expanding military industrial complex after 9/11, put this country in a whole, while almost three decades of banking and business deregulation allowed our economic foundation to rot from within.

We’ll see if anyone has learned the larger lesson in Washington beyond Norquist, when Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren is allowed to do the job Massachusetts voters sent her to do, which begins with having a role on the banking committee and should be the new push by progressive lawmakers on making Wall Street finally accountable.

When Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren gave her victory speech on election night at a party where loudspeakers blared “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,” she pledged to “hold the big guys accountable.” Now, some bankers, their lobbyists and their Republican allies on the Senate banking committee reportedly would like nothing better than to keep Ms. Warren off the powerful bank panel ““ where she could do the most harm to the status quo, and the most good for the country. […] And she would reinforce progressive Democrats on the panel ““ including Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Jack Reed of Rhode Island ““ as a counterweight to Democrats whose states are bastions of the banking industry. – Their Problem With Elizabeth Warren, New York Times Editorial Board