“On Social Security, I suspect we have a similar position.” “” Barack Obama

ACROSS THE progressive landscape you can read about what Mitt Romney said that wasn’t true if you look at the facts. What you won’t see is a discussion about what Democrats are going to do about President Obama and Social Security.

It had to be stunning for progressives to hear Obama utter the words above. So far, Ed Schultz is the only one to acknowledge it.

I’ve been writing about Obama’s clear plan to slice and dice entitlements for years. But the last thing I thought he’d ever confirm is exactly what he said.

Whether Obama or Romney is elected, both men will do the exact same thing when it comes to Social Security.

To have that confirmed unequivocally by President Obama in last night’s debate had to be a gut punch for progressives who were listening.

This is especially true because Obama’s never had the goal to privatize the popular entitlement program, but Republicans going back a long way always have.

Obama’s lack of ideological compass caught up with him last night, but so did the lack of challenge by the progressives to make Barack Obama a better president than he’s been on their issues by challenging his policies on substance. Progressives should have a long time ago told Obama where he has been going on economics and entitlements wasn’t progressive enough. They chose not to rock Obama’s boat.

Last night’s debate is what happens when your party’s leader has no one to rebut a rightward shift that now has the Democratic Party standard bearer parroting Republicanism on entitlements.