TONIGHT’S ANOTHER debate in Massachusetts.

The latest poll shows Warren up 46% to 44%, which is within the margin of error.

From NPR’s WBUR:

More people agree with Warren on the key issues that matter to them than they do with Brown (45 to 39 percent), and more voters still believe Warren is the best candidate to stand up for women in the Senate (47 to 25 percent). But Brown continues to be the candidate people like more; 52 percent said they hold a favorable opinion of him.

Forty-seven percent of likely voters hold a favorable opinion of Warren. People like Gail Dubois from Pepperell.

“I think she’s honest,” Dubois said. “I think she’s a fresh face. I think she’ll do well by us.”

Among the qualities people see in Brown is his willingness to compromise with Democrats. Three percent of voters say he compromises with Democrats too often, 34 percent say not often enough, and 48 percent say he compromises just about the right amount. That’s why Holden resident Jim Wells likes Brown.