SHORT ANSWER: yes. Absolutely.

It was Biden’s personal faith, which he wasn’t going to make others adopt. Versus Paul Ryan’s extreme views that the woman be taken completely out of the equation of the most personal decision she might ever make.

RADDATZ: I want to go back to the abortion question here. If the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected, should those who believe that abortion should remain legal be worried?

RYAN: We don’t think that unelected judges should make this decision; that people through their elected representatives in reaching a consensus in society through the democratic process should make this determination.

Are you hearing Mitt Romney now?

It’s not about women, who according to Romney-Ryan have no right to privacy. Women’s rights depend on “a consensus in society.”

If that isn’t clear enough, try this. Romney and Ryan would take a woman’s power out of the equation to make her own decisions.

It couldn’t be any clearer.

Joe Biden, by the way, isn’t exactly progressive on this issue, personally.

But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians and Muslims and Jews, and I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here, the”“the congressman. I”“I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that”“women they can’t control their body. It’s a decision between them and their doctor. In my view and the Supreme Court, I’m not going to interfere with that.

However, politicians of devout faith have no right to make a woman live by their religiosity.

Romney and Ryan are the ultimate in patriarchal stewards and women should be very concerned about that.