THIS IS a remarkable post from Patricia Cornwell, an author whose books adorn the small fiction section in humble home library. Cornwell is a brilliant crime writer whom I’ve read for years when I get two seconds to break away from the reams of research and books I have to read for my work as a political analyst and writer. The story she writes today on Huffington Post isn’t fiction, it’s the stuff of private citizen nightmares, when people are pitted against powerful companies who get treated differently by the Justice Department than the rest of us.

However, Cornwell is a wealthy celebrity in literary circles, so if she’s getting this treatment, just imagine how that trickles down hill if someone has no money.

This post is a must read for Justice Department followers.

These past three years have been the most harrowing ones of my life. I’m sure the opposition loves to hear that. It certainly seems they’ve done their very best to mount a campaign of terror against my family, friends, my partner and me. I guess the point was to teach me a lesson for daring to instigate a legal battle against a financial institution that I believe completely violated my trust, and grossly and recklessly mishandled my money and just about every aspect of my life they had legal power over and controlled. Anchin Block & Anchin was a meteor hurtling through space toward my unsuspecting small planet. I’m forever damaged by them and so are people I love.

The postponement of my trial against Anchin, which was due to begin on September 10, isn’t the first time my war against this accounting firm with every advantage has run into delays, roadblocks and a series of unexpected and shocking assaults that include Anchin and its former principal Evan Snapper falsely accusing me of criminal activity that could have sent me to prison. This accusation came mere weeks after I filed my lawsuit against Anchin, and it would be the better part of a year later when the Department of Justice (DOJ) finally closed the case against me at the end of 2010. (My counsel was informed that I wasn’t a target and that the investigation was over. Whether this decision was based on their awareness of problems in the case or the Grand Jury refusing to indict me for something I didn’t do, I’m not allowed to know.)

I continue to face a stiff administrative penalty from the Federal Election Committee because of Snapper’s use of my money for illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore. I don’t object to paying a fine, as my funds absolutely were used by Evan Snapper to violate federal campaign laws, and those civil laws hold me accountable even if I didn’t know a violation had occurred. What concerns me enough to write this blog is that I continue to fear that my lawyer Joan Lukey and I may not be fighting on a level battlefield.

It may be more than a coincidence that when Ms. Lukey filed the multi-million dollar lawsuit in October 2009, Anchin quickly retained the services of James Cole — a Washington insider who soon after would be nominated by President Obama to serve as Deputy Attorney General of the United States, the number 2 position at the Department of Justice. Anchin hired him not to defend them against my civil lawsuit, but to launch a strategy of an entirely different nature. Unbeknownst to us, after retaining Mr. Cole’s services Anchin went straight to the DOJ, supposedly to “self-report” illegal campaign contributions Snapper made with my funds. From my point of view, Anchin’s motivation wasn’t to “come clean” but to destroy my character and my life. read on

At the end she admits to hoping Obama is reelected, then states he needs to look at the Justice Department, because what’s going on over there is anything but just.

Who couldn’t agree with that at this point?