IT BEGAN with an interview with Bill O’Reilly, which jump started Palin’s very weird night on Fox News Channel. Sarah Palin chose to recount her note card past during the ’08 race, basically regurgitating the plot line to “Game Change.”

But it was with Sean Hannity that the story of who won the debate was proven.

Sean Hannity played the Martha Raddatz had Barack Obama to her wedding card. When consensus had already been made that Raddatz had been masterful handling the debate, all Hannity could think of doing was blaming Martha Raddatz.

Then Sarah Palin made it worse.

“Really tough format, Sean, for someone like a Paul Ryan or anybody else up against Joe Biden, when the moderator allowed one candidate to absolutely run roughshod over the conversation, over the opponent,” Palin told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity on Thursday night. “That’s a tough format. It reminded me”¦of watching a musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot. In this case, when it came to style, Paul Ryan was underfoot because of the moderator allowing Biden to do interrupting, to kind of take control of the conversation.”

Sitting side by side was the easiest gimme Paul Ryan could have had against Joe Biden.

A musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot…

A Sarah Palin classic.