THE SPECTACLE of the Daily Caller-Drudge-Sean Hannity firestorm of stupid is taking air out of the room that Mitt Romney desperately needs.

Don’t take my liberal word for it.

“Mitt’s window to turn the economic debate around is [Wednesday.] And his alleged supporters just shit on it. An abysmally selfish and stupid event.” – Alex Castellanos

John Weaver, former adviser to McCain and Jon Huntsman felt the same way, as does Erick Erickson. From Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller:

“Is the base Romney’s problem?” he asked late Tuesday night. “I would hope he would, at least, ignore this. Instead, how about a detailed, believable economic plan focused on job creation? We’re running against a guy with more than eight percent unemployed, etc. and instead of offering a counter plan for consumers to chose between, some are focused on the President being Black and liberal.”

Many others have lost their minds over it.

Who is John Hawkins? Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf has the goods.

screencapture via Wonkette