GETTING FLAMED on Twitter is nothing new for anyone who dares voice an unpopular political view. But when you’re African American, a woman and a Democrat, but not supporting Barack Obama’s reelection, look out! Actress Stacey Dash has been under siege on Twitter after announcing her support for Romney-Ryan.

Dash was on Piers Morgan this evening and articulated plainly why she’s supporting Mitt Romney. In 2008 she voted for Obama. She also revealed that vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan had called her to thank her for her support, which clearly pleased Dash.

An actress, unemployed it would seem, Dash has a 22 year-old son who is an Obama supporter. She gleamed when talking about him, glad he has “a point of view.”

Stacey Dash was unabashed about why she supports Mitt Romney. She was also clearly unfazed by the hurled insults and slurs coming her way on Twitter.

To say I can relate to the racism being coming at Dash by Obama supporters is an understatement, though I get it for political analysis that states the truth as I see it, regardless of where it lands.