IT’S NOTHING new. I’ve written this was coming. The nakedness of the pronouncement before Barack Obama is even reelected sends quite a message.

President Obama and his campaign obviously believe that Democrats and progressives support, quoting the email sent under the name of Stephanie Cutter, “gradual changes to make sure Social Security stays solvent over the long term.”

The conventional wisdom that Social Security is in trouble is so ingrained that President Obama can assert, before he’s even reelected, that he and Mitt Romney agree that Social Security is in trouble.

That’s not close to being agreed upon by progressives and many Democrats, who fundamentally disagree with President Obama and are ready to challenge him on it, something that should have happened months ago.

From the OFA email:

In Wednesday night’s debate, Mitt Romney deliberately tried to confuse voters about where he stands on many issues. I want to clear up where President Obama and Mitt Romney agree — and where they disagree — on one particularly important issue: Social Security.

President Obama and Romney agree that we need to make gradual changes to make sure Social Security stays solvent over the long term. The disagreement is over how to do it — and that’s where President Obama and Romney have fundamentally different ideas.

President Obama will under no circumstances agree to put your retirement at risk by privatizing Social Security, and he will reject any plan that slashes Social Security benefits. Because Romney opposes any effort to raise a single penny in new revenue, his Social Security plan is forced to rely solely on big benefit cuts to maintain solvency — analysis of a similar plan showed current workers would see cuts of up to 40 percent that would badly hurt their financial security.

Romney and Ryan also supported the Bush privatization plan that would have had exposed Social Security benefits to the financial crisis that devastated many pension funds and retirement accounts.

Take a look at this post that details the clear choice voters have on Social Security in this election, and be sure to share it with everyone you know who’d be affected:

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