THERE REALLY was no reason to cover the obvious swiftboating of Mitt Romney over his involvement in an age-old divorce battle, that is until Time’s Mark Halperin decided to play fixer on behalf of Mitt Romney, which no one of any stature believes was actually necessary.

There is little doubt that this is a “freak show” and that the “usual web gossip peddlers,” both quotes from Mr. Halperin, are going to town, because Matt Drudge and Gloria Allred are involved and it comes less than two weeks before the presidential election.

So, accepting these facts, what is the point of Mark Halperin choosing to involve himself?

The great Beltway OZ has spoken.

It’s clever for Halperin to couch his Time magazine post, that explodes the story wider, as “Always at the End,” complete with “DEVELOPING” at the close, but why comment at all since the whole thing is a lame attempt to hurt Romney using old news and everyone knows it?

What’s gained here?

After all these years, Mark Halperin finally weighs in openly to try play fixer of a perceived problem for a Republican presidential nominee in the light of day, so now everyone can finally see his bias. At long last omitting his on the one hand, but on the other hand bipartisan hilarity that never fools anyone. That is, no one except the insider establishment and partisan fluffers you see every day on infotainment TV, no matter what cable channel you’re watching.