“Let’s just take a look at Paul Ryan’s convention speech. It was packed full of lies…” – Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama [The Rachel Maddow Show]

JOE BIDEN knows how to deliver a one-liner. Remember way back what he said about Rudy Giuliani? A little flash back with the video above.

Everyone saw what Mitt Romney did last week in the first presidential debate. Governor Mitt showed up, leaving “severely conservative” Mitt in the green room.

When Paul Ryan gave his convention speech, he lied about Obama on an auto plant that shut down under George W. Bush. He continued the race-baiting work line on Medicare. His speech was panned.

Now Ryan’s got a new problem. With Mitt Romney falsely representing himself to an Iowa editorial board on his views on abortion, then having to walk back what he said when Tony Perkins had a hissy, Ryan has to fix the “gaffe.” Romney’s also had to re-embrace wanting to gut Planned Parenthood funding, as well as believing in forced birth for women.

Paul Ryan has said he and Romney stand together on their views on abortion, which only matters if Democrats make them choke on them.

To Romney and Ryan reproductive health care is a social issue. That’s a euphemism for men controlling women even if they have to use the federal or state government to do it. Conservatism doesn’t mean what it once did, before Ronald Reagan allowed the old crone Phyllis Schlafly and the late Jerry Falwell to cross the line on where religion belongs. Religious conservatives believe men are meant to have power over women, with women of this ilk believing freedom is only for men, which is why feminism is so scary to them. Phyllis Schlafly defeated the ERA amendment because she believed women had it good and didn’t want to rock the sex role boat. It’s the foundation of the fundamentalism that also guides the religiosity of people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. As their religions believe women aren’t fit to lead their churches, they think women aren’t equal to men either. This philosophy blankets their policy prescriptions.

To Barack Obama women’s reproductive rights has been a political tool, but it’s clear he does believe women should control our health care decisions. The word abortion sticks in his throat whenever he talks about this issue. He bowed to Stupak when he didn’t have to, then put politics over science on Plan B. Obama also codified the Hyde Amendment in law, which was wrong and the first time in history it had been done, forever changing the dynamic for women on this issue, the full ramifications still unknown. But the President also has plenty in the win column. He wove real benefits for women throughout ACA, including serious preventative measures, as well as free contraception, all of which are economic issues, not simply a social issue from the men’s club of patriarchal prerogative.

It’s one reason Obama’s stance on Social Security is not only untenable, but unacceptable. Nothing impacts women more than Social Security, because more women rely on it to stay out of poverty.

Joe Biden can take on Ryan’s anti-women agenda, including on Lily Ledbetter, which Romney also ducked, then double down when delivering the case against Paul Ryan when it comes to seniors.

A long time ago when you could get close to Joe Biden, I was able to have a one on one with him, also getting him to share his writings on this site. I’ve heard him on foreign policy many times and we all would have benefited if Obama would have listened to Biden on Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan.

What is very important to hear from Biden is the blue collar case against Ryan’s economics. The middle class message that Barack Obama can’t seem to sell, whether it’s in a debate or anyplace else.

The one concern is the Obama prep team, with factions around President Obama who deride Joe Biden, which is widely known in the press. Joe being Joe is why his convention speech was the most watched of all the speeches, including Bill Clinton and President Obama. If that’s tampered with there could be trouble.

The right’s also gone to work on Biden, with his gaffes causing his approval numbers to dip, which Fox News Channel trades on regularly, as does right-wing radio. The good news, according to Pew, is that 40% say Ryan will do a better job, 34% expect Biden to do better.

The Democratic base is depending on Vice President Biden, because the wider Democratic electorate trusts him, even if the activist and Obama loyalists don’t.

Paul Ryan’s an able adversary, as long as he gets to spin political tales and stay away from his extreme policy ideas.

After the presidential debacle in Denver, Joe Biden can’t afford to let him get away with that and I can’t imagine he will.