THE CATERWAULING is epic. It’s also highly revealing. Kudos to Dunham, who wouldn’t be coming under this scrutiny if she weren’t 20-something. This is ageism, splashed with Who Does This GIRL Think She Is?

Even if they do break even or if somehow every single person who watched the premiere of Dunham’s show “Girls” buys the book ““ all 872,000 of you out there according to Nielsen ““ is this any way to run a publishing company? Put aside the cultural impact question for a second. The whole approach seems short-sighted at best. – Lena Dunham’s absurd advance, by Rob Spillman

As for corporate publishing, don’t tell the whiners, but it’s over. It’s still around, but it’s over.

Traditional publishing has simply gone the way of Broadway, which used to put unknowns in big leads, but now looks to Hollywood and stars to make ends meet.

The model of the future for book publishing is Amazon and iBooks, with finding a publisher worth anything very difficult. It was a small miracle to get a book on Clinton’s 20-year rise and presidential candidacy published in the Obama era.

Whether Dunham is “worth” the advance seems a silly debate, but Slate’s Alyssa Rosenberg advanced it anyway.

Dunham is “worth” the $3.7 million advance because she landed it. The proof is in the deal.